Hangarbcapcod.com is a blog site of MMA fighter Jack Weng. He has an impressive record of 40-1-1 and held a total of 5 belts since he became a pro fighter.

His journey from being an amateur to a prof fighter was not a walk in the park of course. He went through rigorous training and discipline from his trainer. It’s the same template of discipline that he has been following even outside the cage. Since it has worked so well with his career, he decided to share these discipline principles through this website.

Hangarbcapecod.com shares his whole experience in training as well as how you can apply these training principles in your daily lives. Also, if you are an aspiring MMA fighter, this is the only site that you need to get you going to become one. However, don’t be surprised if you suddenly see sex tips, advice, and product recommendations regarding male and female sex toys. Aside from MMA, sex is one of his passions. He is not ashamed of it. In fact, he has been so open about it during his training. So, you are really getting the best of both worlds of mixed martial arts, and the art of passionate sex. Enjoy!