5 Powerful MMA Training Tips For Beginners

Whether you are training for fun or as a career, you have to start from somewhere. In fact, knowing how to start MMA training is important whether you want to use MMA to build muscle or become an MMA fighter. Even a journey of a thousand steps starts with one step. Below are five training tips to help you get it right:

Do your research
Before joining a gym to start getting into the MMA, you need to research options. Join a gym where MMA is a key player. A gym where lots of MMA fighters attend is the best to go for your classes. Lanna MMA is the leading school which allows students to graduate from one level to the next. In fact our classes can now fit everyone’s schedule and run six days a week.

Do you enjoy it?
Before you join the classes, you have to figure out if you really enjoy the sport. One thing people don’t know is that even if they have experience in other martial disciplines, MMA might not be right for them. So, take your time to figure out if your really enjoy it.

Be honest
Once you have made your decision to keep at it, the next thing you need to do is to get open about your fitness levels. This way, your trainer will know where to begin because they don’t want you to end up harming yourself. And you should never worry about being embarrassed; recall everyone has to begin from somewhere.

Always stretch
You need to understand that MMA is not just about strength. In this discipline, flexibility also plays a big part. It is prudent to stretch after the MMA workouts because that is the way to help you improve your flexibility. And for your information, this is likely to become the easiest part of your training. Do not skip stretching; it can put you back at the starting point.

Forget about bodybuilding
MMA and bodybuilding are like oil and water; they don’t mix. Although you need a high level of strength so as to overpower your opponents, lots of bodybuilding can drastically limit yourself. You should note that MMA and bodybuilding use very different techniques. For instance, while MMA is fluid in its techniques, bodybuilding is single jointed and static. However, MMA still requires that you do some weight training but forget about bulging muscles like the weightlifters.

Work on your core
If you’re training on the core, you will be able to increase your power of kicks and punches. Your core is where your strength comes from and is the center of your being.

Eat the right foods
Your diet has to be high in protein, carbohydrates and fat. You will also be advised on what supplements to take to increase your protein intake as well as ensure that you are consuming the right calories to sustain your training levels.

Lanna MMA is always improving its programs to ensure that your goals are reached. We have a warm and friendly staff to ensure that you have a positive experience. You can join us at a time of your pleasure.

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