Starting Your Urethral Play Journey The Right Way

Men have a natural proclivity to stuffing. We see a hole, and we want to shove some part of ourselves into it. We’re natural explorers. Well, at least that’s the story we’re sticking with. But there comes a time in some men’s lives when they look at their penises and think, “What if I shoved something into my penis?”

Don’t lie; you thought about it. Most men dismiss this idea right off the bat. They believe the penis is something precious and delicate — something to be handled with the most gentle hands until it reaches ecstasy.

However, other, more sexually adventurous men, continue thinking about it. And that’s where urethral sounding (also known under its more crude name cock stuffing) comes in.

What Is Urethral Sounding and How Does One Approach It?

Do you remember that pee hole you thought was nothing more than a means to an end? Well, it can bring you quite a bit of pleasure (and pain, if you’re into that).

The practice of urethral sounding is actually inserting a long, thin, stainless steel rod into your urethra (through the aforementioned urethral opening). Now, this might sound like something you do not want to try out at three in the morning simply because you were curious. And you’re absolutely right. That isn’t anal play, where you slip something in just to see how it feels.

The urethra is extremely sensitive. It’s full of nerve endings that you can stimulate from the inside. It’s also your one-way ticket to the prostate gland. Pushing something into the urethra is actually the only way to stimulate the prostate directly.

However, as you know, pleasure and pain are two sides of the same coin. What’s more, pain is just around the corner for those who aren’t careful when it comes to urethral sounding. If we push or pull the sound too hard or approach the entire practice of sounding carelessly, we might injure ourselves (sometimes even permanently).

Tread Carefully

Most men try out urethral sounding because it promises otherworldly pleasure. The act of pushing something into the urethra feels both uncomfortable, too much, and pleasurable at the same time. Of course, the grand finale is yet to come at that point. When we reach the prostate, we can only pray to ride out the waves of pleasure from the most intense orgasm of our lives without falling to our knees.

But (there’s always a but), right behind what we’re aiming for (the prostate) is the bladder. If we’re not careful (and if we don’t know precisely when to stop pushing), we can hit the bladder and irritate it. That may cause various problems like urinary tract infections. Not to mention that the metal rod (or the silicone one) will hurt the urethral walls and can even cause lacerations and abrasions if we don’t pay attention.

That’s why we need to plan urethral play to the last detail. We need to know a lot about the urethra and the general anatomy of our genitals before we take a nosedive into this particular kink.

Like all sex toys (and sexual activity in general), urethral sounds are meant for sexual pleasure (or precise pain). They aren’t supposed to maim you or cause you permanent issues.

What Does Urethral Sounding Feel Like?

Urethral sounding (especially if you’re using a vibrating urethral sound) feels like the perfect mix of pleasure and discomfort. When done carefully and correctly, the sound stimulates the nerve endings in the penis head, the urethra itself, and the prostate. What’s more, having the sound in the urethra makes the penis more sensitive. That makes external stimulation more pleasurable because every brush feels like it’s hitting all the nerve endings in just the right way.

Many people describe the urethral play as one long, deep orgasm they can feel with their whole body that goes on forever (or at least will go on for as long as you stimulate the urethra and the penis).

Of course, the initial act of pushing the sound in will feel uncomfortable. If you’re not into that, then it’s something to push through (but gently). But if you’re interested in boosting your BDSM practice with a bit of painful sounding, then this will be right up your alley.

Urethral sounding brings quite a bit of pleasure. However, it can also be an extreme and unusual form of male chastity. Of course, when used for this kink, the sounds are different and attached to a cock cage. These sounds also have the name “sperm stoppers,” and they don’t really go all the way into the urethra but rather plug the urethra so that you can’t ejaculate.

We don’t recommend these particular urethral sounds for beginners. Although, there are some that can be your ticket into the glorious world of urethral sounding. You can view these collections of urethral  sounds, so you get an idea of what they look like and imagine how they would feel inside you.

The Best Urethral Sounds for Novices

When it comes to urethral sound types, the world is your oyster. However, novices should start small and work their way up (if they so choose). Beginners should pay close attention to the length and girth of the sound they choose. A small, thin one is the perfect place to start. Even if you’re into urethral stretching, you should still start with the thinnest sound available. Stretching is something that’s supposed to happen over a long period (we’re talking years here, people).

Training kits are also an excellent place to start. Silicone sounds might be a bit easier to manipulate than steel ones, so, if you’re going on this adventure solo, consider a silicone toy.

Urethral sounds come in many shapes and forms. For example, an electric urethral sound with a slightly curved and thick rod shouldn’t be your first purchase. Sure, it looks exciting, and it vibrates, but let’s be realistic here (our penises will thank us for it later).

Essential Tips

The two primary rules of urethral play are cleanliness and lubrication. You need to clean the sounds both before and after each use meticulously. Because you’re inserting the rod into yourself (into the most private and sensitive parts) and since it can potentially reach your inner organs like the bladder, keeping it sterile or as clean as possible is imperative.

Lubrication is also essential. You will need a lot of lube to be able to insert the sound inside. Do not, and we repeat, DO NOT attempt to insert the sound without any lubrication (this goes both for men and women). The urethra doesn’t have natural lubrication. Even if it did, you’d still end up with bruises and cuts.

Danger, Will Robinson — When to Stop Immediately

If you feel pain (and we’re talking real pain, not slight discomfort), stop immediately. Also, if there’s any bleeding, gently pull on the sound to pull it all the way out and seek immediate medical help.

Urethral sounding has some typical side effects. For example, when you pee after urethral play, you will feel a burning sensation. That should go away quickly. However, if it doesn’t, then you need to stop urethral play and seek medical advice. The burning sensation can be an indication of an infection, and you might need some antibiotics.

A Few Parting Words

If you’re looking to explore the urethra and all the pleasures it can bring, do so carefully and with lots of lube. The best piece of advice we have for you is a version of “don’t try this at home, kids,” and it sounds a bit like “don’t try this without doing thorough research and making safe choices.” Only when you do everything correctly can you expect one hell of an orgasm!